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10+ Best Project Management & Tracking Apps for All Businesses

Project management plays a key role in business and outcome of a project is highly affected by the initial monitoring and planning stages of a project. Project management is important for flexible and small businesses where work is being done by many people who have the workflow. Many businesses are going global through web and the business agencies don’t have a common address as people are working around the world from their home and offices.

Web based project management software are becoming top choice of entrepreneurs and number of medium and small size businesses. These tools help in maximizing organization productivity. They help to keep track of projects, manage workers, scheduling work for employees, set milestones, sending invoices, uploading files, syncing with mobile, all these features make these apps necessary. Following are some software.

1. Output Time


Managing projects is a big deal, which each project manager deals with. Output Time is a project management software that facilitates project managers and individuals to manage team members, tasks and projects efficiently. This software will not only assist you to stay organized by helping you to split projects into multiple tasks but also lets you to estimate in each level (Project/Task/Day-Activity) based on the importance and deadlines. Moreover, one can easily visualize the project with the help of Gantt Chart. In short, this software is a one stop solution for project tracking, time tracking, Invoice management, and expense tracking along with other useful features. Especially, this all-in-one Collaboration tool is available as On-Premise and Cloud based Project Management Systems.

2. CaseCamp


Project Management Software CaseCamp.com, keeps people on the same page working toward a common goal: finishing a project together. CaseCamp.com using industry leading PM software, which has superior capabilities , dashboard cases with view to meet deadline, Track resources in detail through time & location, manager version control in GITHUB through integrated software with PM software and create simple customization within PM software due to uncompromising customer support.

3. SprintGround


SprintGround is carefully crafted for software development teams after many requests by the developers community to meet the needs of the workflow specific to programming.

This tool allows you to collaborate, track development progress using overviews and charts, split the work between releases (milestones), assign and track individual tasks & bugs with the ability to attach files to them. Release planning feature automatically calculates estimated release date for you in real time, based on the remaining work of all team members.

4. inQubatr


inQuabtr offers free solution for project management with unlimited user. It has dashboard where one can get information about projects and recent activity. Milestones are way to keep track of projects by setting dates for each milestone. These are some of the exclusive features that make it efficient Project tracking software.

5. microTool


Process- and method-based project management are what in-STEP BLUE is all about. Processes allow you to realize requirements, implement change requests or work through tickets. With in-STEP Blue you can optimize these processes and automate them so that you can concentrate on your content. in-STEP BLUE makes use of standards like the PRINCE2, SPICE for Automotive or Scrum, meeting the highest standards in any industry including the automotive and medical industries. It can easily be adapted to your unique business needs and is particularly adept at helping you plan multiple projects simultaneously.

6. Standard Time


Standard Time is considered as one of the best project tracking apps which is easy to use and offers many other features. This Project management tool along with mobile apps has incredibly efficient functions. The training videos will make it easier for you to learn the app or software.

It helps in achieving the various things like assigning to do tasks for employees, group, and entire company, project task scheduling, job costing, making budgets, billing rates for each employee’s client job, sorting and filtering tasks to find data easily, GANTT chart, resource allocation chart, task wizard to create new tasks and projects, and much more.

7. Apollo


Apollo is contacts and project management software. The Apollo uses the overview features to keep track of what is going on across all calendars, projects. The interactive timers, one can keep track of how much time one is spending on a task.

The activity screen lets you see who did what on project. In the milestone screen one can assign a task list, dividing project into stages.

8. Basecamp


A project work well when people discuss issues openly, and communicate this is why Basecamp is the best choice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It has key features of easily sharing documents, files, design and images among team or client.

Posting messages to basecamp instead of emails. Templates to start project instead of creating from scratch.

9. Freedcamp


inQuabtr is software for contractors, project managers, freelancers and teams. It helps in joining various social collaboration tools with online project management.

The various features are task lists, pages and file storage, conversations, sharing images, ideas, videos, images and video, easy linear and fast task creation along with adding task owners and due dates, placing important media and documents in one place, various communication options like email, RSS, web interfaces and mobile access.

10. Goplan


Goplan dashboard lets have an overview of everything happening in the company. It allows organizing projects into milestones and tasks. One can upload documents and files to Goplan thus placing all projects assets in one place.

11. Glip


Glip is the application that makes business productive as CRM, Projects, People, Documents and more – all coexisting and interacting with total transparency in one an activity stream so one can finally manage business under one rule.

12. Huddle


Huddle is the cloud-based collaboration system. The key features of the Project tracking software are encryption of data exchange, keeping discussion among team member in central place, setting permissions against folder.

13. Onehub


Onehub helps in sharing of large file easy, fast and secure. With Transfer and Workspaces products Onehub has solutions which help growing businesses work efficiently by improving information sharing and communication.

Secure sharing feature lets you share Workspaces, files or folders with unlimited users. Real time chat feature lets you know who is online and this makes it one of the best Project Management tools available in the market.

Thus there are number of software available in market, so make use of any to ease your work and use time efficiently for other productive things. Each and every tool possesses some really wonderful features. Since all the tools holds productive attributes, it is hard to analyze which is the best Project Management tool and which solution to go with. In the end, it only depends upon one’s choice and preferences.


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