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Top 10 Tools To Improve Project Management In Your Company

When you & your small business are growing, it becomes difficult to manage the ongoing projects with their respective team and clients. That’s when project management software comes as a blessing. They can be accessed from either a desktop or your phone and let you communicate with your team in office or on site whenever required.

We bring you a list of top 10 project management software available in the market so that when you work on your projects, either small or big, you don’t feel lost. Choose one, login and manage everything with just click of a button.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is just like the monitor of a class. It keeps a track of all the apps and websites being used by your team, brings you daily reports automatically, provides screenshot monitoring of remote team members and informs you about every possible action taken by your employee on his computer. Consider this tool as the best project manager in your company.


Wrike’s distinguishing feature is that it converts your emails into tasks with just one click. This effective project management tool assists you by engaging your project team, setting up tasks and responsibilities for them and also integrates with your business tools like Google Apps or Dropbox. Did I tell you that it’s free for first 5 users? Use Wrike to stay on track.


TeamLab is just like an internal social network for your company, but in a smarter way. It lets your employees make company-wide announcements, create forums where they can discuss projects and take suggestions, make polls to take opinions on something important and also create blog posts so that anyone in the company can see it. If you’re a small or medium size company, it gets you an effective project management.


Projecturf is one of the best project management tools and its power lies in making communication easier. Its real time collaboration workspace lets your team have project discussions, plan and manage all tasks with a simple yet effective interface. With to do lists, calendar, time tracker and file sharing abilities, it is definitely a powerful project management software.


Freedcamp brings you many features that can help you and your company stay organized and efficient free of cost. With onboard calendar, sticky notes, aces to all projects on a single screen and to do list they promise to manage all aspects of your life. To make your life simpler, you can pay and add features like CRM, Invoices and time tracking.


If you like to see everything you have to accomplish on a single screen, Trello is the best project management tool for you. First, it’s free and second, it lets you create multiple lists and name them like pending, completed, important etc. and lets your create and shift tasks among these lists with drag and drop capability. Best project manager for a freelancer.


This one is an effective project management tool for those who love to write. They have three types of users, editors, contributors and subscribers. It is like a virtual hub where the contributors can write their own content and submits it for the approval from the editor. Editors have the ability to assign, approve or reject the content submitted.


This one tool is specifically designed for software development teams and let the testing guys raise issues and bugs while they test the code. Then, it lets the users track the bug status and let the developers know what tasks are pending and how much time did it take to fix any particular bug. You can integrate Hipchat and Confluence, tools developed by the same company to further simplify the whole process.


Assembla is bit tricky tool to use at first, but once you understand how it simplifies your project to a great level. It has a ticket system where the project manager assigns tickets with specific tasks to the remote team members to finish within a particular time limit. It additional features like code repositories, Wiki, issue tracking system makes give you an effective project management.


This project collaboration software lets the project managers to add or remove team members on the project, assign tasks and milestones to them and lets anyone comment on the status of the project via email so that you don’t have to login. It’s surely a time saving and easy to use project management tool for startups and small companies.


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