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10 Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Probably, there is no limit up to which technology can advance. To your surprise, numerous appointment scheduling software are already out in the market. In fact, these are so many that you may find it a lot more like a challenge to choose one that could fulfil your requirements.

Nowadays, a lot of work is carried out online only. In the meanwhile, you may not find time to schedule meetings with people. Why not do it sitting where you are online? It couldn’t get any better that you don’t need to keep sending and receiving emails anymore, but just opt for the online appointment scheduling option.

An appointment scheduling software saves time of both parties you and your client. Also, life seems so much easier with this magical solution.

Yes, an online appointment scheduling software also works through email or chat or social media. But, with a difference that you no more need to manually list all the times you are available in the coming week or 15 days. Rather, you can fix an appointment with your potential client that you have just found online without wasting any time. Whether you send him an email or a message, all you need to do is attach your online calendar with it and he can choose the convenient time accordingly. Since, the calendar is preset as per your times of availability.

Selecting a best online appointment scheduler will become easier if you consider the best options and pick one that meets your exact requirements.

Here’s a list of the 10 best online appointment scheduling software which are simple-to-use and highly effective.

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[Originally Published in Oct 2017, Last Updated on 1st Jan, 2018]



Launch27 is the Online Booking engine that’s powered the crazy growth for tons of local businesses over the last few years. Our Customizable Booking Form & Real-Time Calendar make it simple for clients to book on your site. Use Discounts to grow your number of Recurring Jobs. Customer Ratings track client happiness after each service. Convenient online Credit Card Payments. Client Behaviour Analytics to see how business is doing. Tons of automated features that eliminate time-wasting tasks.”

Try this software once and see the difference.


xoyondo - Online appointment scheduler

Xoyondo is considered as one of the best online appointment schedulers for scheduling an appointment or meeting. The homepage itself allows the user to set a schedule and share it with participants, select suitable meeting times and check progress over the web. Plan your meetings in a hassle-free manner with this scheduling application. Its calendar interface is extremely easy to use and helps in finding the exact time that suits everyone who needs to fix an appointment.



eTermin is your personal appointment scheduling assistant. Thanks to its integrated customer management and marketing features, a payment option, interfaces with a variety of software applications, customer behaviour statistics, and many other features, it is your one-stop-shop solution.

eTermin saves you valuable time, lowers your personnel costs, and increases your customer satisfaction. With eTermin you never miss a customer again!



Versum is not just another “booking system”. It is one of the best online appointment schedulers out there; automatically sending appointment reminders either by email or text directly to customers, thereby helping them never miss an appointment. The software is specifically built for hair and beauty businesses helping to streamline their appointment scheduling, recording customer data and real-time reporting. Moreover, it helps beauty and spa businesses prosper by making it easier to gain and retain customers, simplify daily operations and perk up competence of all salons.



If you are conscience about design as well as robust features, Bookafy is the best. I love the design on both my admin page as well as the online appointment booking widget that my customers see on my website. It’s beautiful! This amazing online appointment scheduling software is perfect for scheduling calls, demos, and service appointments. Tons of automated features that eliminate time-wasting tasks such as automated confirmation messages, SMS text reminders, reviews and online credit card payments. Bookafy is the online booking software that has powered tons of local businesses over the last few years, as well as many enterprise level accounts for sales and support teams. Bookafy has a 2-way sync to other calendar apps such as Google calendar, Outlook, or Exchange.

Try this software and you will see what a difference design and usability can make!



BookSteam is one of the best online appointment scheduling software. BookSteam has clean and beautiful design that comes loaded with powerful features to take your business to the next level. Some of the key features are; multiple locations, online payments, email/sms notifications, fully customizable listing page, two-way google calendar sync, double booking, resources, staff/employee management and much more.



SnapAppointments is a wonderful and is also considered as one of the best free online appointment scheduling software that helps you find and administer appointments. You are free to get any kind of appointment and are even able to improve the way you manage appointments.



YaRooms is generally used in conference rooms, SME resources, organization of meeting rooms or shared workspaces online. This software is known for its exceptional features such as its friendly user interface which lets you drag and drop, plan easily, and search smartly, and is secure. Besides, it has a flexible workplace, color indicators and instant booking feature. You can even sync your plan easily with others.



This amazing online appointment scheduling software allows you to create individual booking site, accept web bookings, and list available services. It is most beneficial for those who need to manage reservations, including personal trainers, photographers, Accountants, tutors, financial trainers, and consultants. The appointment planner features scheduling dashboard, exclusive booking site, accepting online payments and booking, and service promotion among others.

Choosing among thousands of best online appointment scheduling software is tough, but picking from these 10 best appointment scheduling software will make it much easier for you to choose the best that meets your requirements.


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