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10 Best Employee Scheduling Software to Make Scheduling Smart

Scheduling plays a crucial role in any company’s performance. It takes a lot of effort and planning to manage employee shifts and ensure you have qualified staff in the right positions at the right time. The best scheduling practices can also improve employee satisfaction, while keeping labor costs under control.

On the other hand, chaotic scheduling can drain a company of its resources. Managers spend days trying to create the perfect schedule to ensure their business runs smoothly, only to have to start again from scratch if someone calls in sick. Scheduling software is therefore crucial to helping businesses save both in administrative time and labor costs.

Gone are the days when only big organizations could afford time management software. Now, with the evolution of web-based services, employee scheduling tools are available at affordable costs. Since many new small and mid-sized companies are searching for ways to do things faster, they are happy to ditch Google docs, Excel, and traditional pen and paper in favor of a web-based time management solution.

In order to eliminate your pain and streamline your scheduling tasks, we bring you the top 10 best online employee scheduling tools. Find the one that best suits your needs and let it take over the job for you.

[Originally Published in Apr. 2017, Last Updated on 1st Jan, 2018]



Planday is an online solution that’s built to meet the employee scheduling needs of organizations with 30-500 employees in the hospitality, retail, and leisure industries. This platform is full of useful and essential features to manage your staff efficiently, including drag and drop scheduling, time clocking from both the app and desktop, built-in communication, and the ability to integrate with your current payroll provider. Because Planday is cloud-based, it can be used anywhere, anytime, either via the app or desktop. Planday customers report saving 75% of their usual scheduling time, and cut their labor costs by 20%. It’s a tool that can vertically eliminate scheduling headaches in your organization.


Agendrix Scheduling is an easy tool to use and makes employee scheduling convenient and secure for small, mid-size and large organizations. This tool helps managers utilize their time in more important ways, rather than sitting in the back office building employee schedules all day. This is a must-use tool if you wish to reduce labor costs and increase profits by improving the way you schedule your employees.


TimeForge offers employee scheduling features that are suitable for small to large sized companies and has been developed with a focus to ease the responsibilities of Human Resource staff, top level and area level managers and employees. It can be used to simply schedule shifts, along with the ability to import and export data for secondary use.


Makeshift’s intuitive design and advanced features help you schedule your employee shifts and manage your staff efficiently. MakeShift is available in both mobile and web-based solutions, and provides you with the ability to track employee work time effectively, communicate to your employees with clear directions and make scheduling smart.


ScheduleAnywhere is an employee scheduler that gives you the power to schedule shifts at multiple locations from anywhere in the world. This simple and affordable tool is available on any device, giving you great flexibility to access work schedules and communicate scheduling needs. If you’re a growing company and always short on employees, this tool can manage them for you, so that you can work more without spending an extra penny.

Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule is a beautiful employee scheduling tool with an interactive interface. This interface is built with friendly features like drag and drop scheduling and automatic schedule generation, which lets you create efficient shift schedules. Snap Schedule takes care of all your employee scheduling challenges, and helps you cut labor cost by making them work faster and better.

Zip Schedule

Zip Schedule is a simple but effective scheduling tool that performs basic tasks like drag and drop scheduling. It also has conflict warnings, so your employees don’t end up double scheduled. Zip Schedule also provides abuilt-in messaging system that lets the manager send notificationsto the whole team or a particular group of employees about any update or news.


TrackSmart, along with many common features, provides online schedule posting, calendar syncand schedule multiple locations on a single screen. TrackSmart is a great scheduling tool but misses out of some user-friendly features like drag and drop scheduling and auto text.


ScheduleBase provides you with access to employee work schedules, their availability to perform tasks and work in shifts and to access their request from anywhere, anytime. Being a cloud-based platform, the user can see who is available to work and when and can send them their schedules with email or a text message.


TSheets employee scheduling software provides a faster and easier way to create and assign schedules with the employees and let them know about their tasks and shifts when they are assigned. This tool lets you run your organization like a well-oiled engine.


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