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10 Best Email Marketing Software for Businesses

Loyal services and brand marketing are primary keys to a prominent business. Personal invitations to customers may seem out of question when a firm is dealing with more than a hundred or thousand regular customers. Alternative approaches now have to be taken into consideration to deal with this issue of brand marketing.

Food for thought: Email marketing software can be tremendously useful when potential clients are to be directly contacted through emails and build bricks of trust and rapport between the customers and the service providers.

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Here are a few handpicked email marketing tools that would help you deal with the subject in a glance.

[Originally Published in Aug 2017, Updated & Re-published in Jan 2018]



MDirector is an innovative cloud based solution that allows advertisers to combine email marketing and mobile text messaging with display retargeting all in one platform, a unique Cross-Channel Marketing Tool. User friendly, drag and drop builder, real time reporting, a sophisticated user reputation rating, Return Path white listing certification and much more!


ActiveTrail is a simple and effective all-in-one solution for all email marketing needs. A powerful and visual marketing automation platform for emails and SMS, based on triggers and segmentation. It has a time-prediction feature that determines the best time to send emails, landing pages creator, drag-and-drop builder, top notch support, and advanced analytics.


Remarkety is a full-service email marketing solution especially designed for eCommerce stores to inform shoppers know about sales, coupons, special offers and more. You can create stunning newsletter campaigns with the user-friendly Email Builder in just a few clicks. Choose and adapt one of almost 200 fully responsive and professionally designed newsletter templates. Manage your contact lists and benefit from Remarkety’s world-class deliverability rate. Further improve your ROI using detailed real-time statistics (clicks, openings, geolocation, reading time, etc.)!


Mail Relay

Mailrelay is an email marketing software with powerful features. It allows you to send up to 75000 emails per month for up to 15000 subscribers for free, which is very important for users who are starting to work with email marketing. It offers free auto-responders, advanced filters for your subscribers and an SMTP virtual server.

Elastic Email

Elastic Mail

Elastic Email is an all-in-one email delivery platform. They offer an SMTP Relay, robust HTTP API, and a User Interface that has a complete suite of tools and features for managing contacts, templates, campaigns, and reports. They specialize in delivering transactional and marketing email. Besides this, they publish some of the lowest prices for email delivery in the market with Elastic Email, people can send up to 150,000 free emails per month. No matter if you are just you, a startup or a fully functioning enterprise they offer tools for businesses of any size!


Aweber plays the role of a good director with relevant features to get you started with email marketing. Its core objective rests at being the best email marketing software, with other third-party integrations, including WordPress. Split testing is another feature where this online mass mailing tool can broadcast various campaigns to specific sections of your list of clients.

Constant Contact

Placing every single item on your plate can be difficult at times. Constant Contact manages your items and makes sure you have them organized and set. With its online sharing tools and 1GB of file storage, Constant Contact is best at tracking and reporting backed by excellent support center online, making it one of the best online mass mailing tools.

Campaign monitor

Making every single entity beautiful and chic is what the advanced email builder of Campaign Moniter does. With its superb Drag n Drop tools and potential automation, this email marketing software has 24×7 support line and easy A/B testing. What’s more, the list management tools here help you in dealing with subscribers slickly and form segments thereof.


iContact has an upper hand when it comes to creating auto-responder series of emails for new subscribers. iContact functions as a spam checker and list manager, with outstanding interface quality, better than the rest of the email marketing software. It’s coercive newsletter campaigns and customer reachability makes it the best email marketing software in town.


Joining hands with the most vital platforms for CRM and online transactions like Magento and Shopify, this email marketing tool offers affordable plans starting with just $10 per month. Having said that, its drag-and-drop builder and email-automation makes this software user-friendly and graceful. Its survey management and mailing frequency limits further enhance its uniqueness to another level.


Campaigner is an email marketing software and has an interactive interface, providing the user with every access to the page through the dashboard.Despite boosting your open rate through A/B testing, it does have limited templates to choose from. But if attractive newsletters are desired, Campaigner is where you need to turn to.


Active Campaign is the largest and the most affordable email marketing tool for firms hunting down automated software. Despite being a user-friendly application, ActiveCampaign allows easy email-customization, customer grouping, data fetching and so on. SMS services to clients and Zapier integration with 600+ other facilities make them connected with the latest till date.


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