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15 Best Digital Marketing Tools that You Should Use in 2017

In this fastest-growing online world, keeping up with the latest marketing trend is essential. Digital marketing is no longer a one-way interaction from businesses, but a conversation between brands, consumers, stakeholders, and influencers. To assure that your online business is a part of this communication, you need to stay ahead of the crowd through some powerful digital marketing strategies.

Being a business owner, you need to provide your audience with more relevant and useful content for all digital and social platforms, so that it directs genuine traffic to your website.There is a large number of digital marketing tools available that can help you promote your brand, website, and a mobile app in the best way possible. But, how will you choose the right one?

In this post, you will find 15 digital marketing tools that every marketer and business owner should try in 2017:

Google Analytics

If you are looking for an efficient tool to help you analyze the performance of your website and campaigns, then you should consider using Google Analytics. Completely available for free, this tool can provide you with insights into everything that occurs on your site such as traffic sources, visitor behavior, bounce rates, exit rates, page views, referrals, demographics, lead conversions, and several other insights.Google Analytics can also be integrated with AdWords enabling you to manage your campaigns. It can really help youoptimize the performance of your digital marketing strategies.

Facebook analytics for apps

Facebook has already become the most popular marketing platform. It also provides Facebook Analytics which is known as one of the most powerful analytic tools for apps. Facebook Analytics provide accurate demographic segmentation and other information that you need to know about your users.With this tool, you can track appropriate actions that users have taken while using your app, and build a segment to target them. Moreover, you can display ads to users based on special events. It also provides you with an opportunity to send Push Campaigns for free.


Hotjar is another popular analytic tool that provides some advanced metrics that you are unable to get from Google Analytics. It demonstrates the behavior of your site visitors through heat maps, scroll maps, click maps, visitor recording.The visitor recordings allow you to see how users behave on your site such as scrolling behavior, mouse movements, and taps.With Hotjar, you can also analyze your strategies in order to find possibilities for improvement. From completion rates to feedback polls, this tool can help you understand the needs of your site visitors.


Comes with a built-in CRM tool, Ontraport provides you with some powerful features that allow you to automate several marketing tasks such as:

  • Send messages to your email subscribers
  • Automate your email campaigns
  • Create and test email capture landing pages quickly
  • Lead scoring, routing, and many more

Besides, Ontraport provides advanced shopping cart functionality, enabling you to easily customize and set up your shopping cart.


Zapier is an another widely-used tool used to automate the marketing tasks. With this tool, you can connect different online services and automate the tasks between them while using Actions and Triggers. Also, you can connect 9 social networks to your Zapier account. It is easy to create a new zap, or user pre-made zaps and customize them according to your needs.


It is one of the most popular social media monitoring tools which is preferred by most marketers. Brand24enables you to track remarks of your brand and your competition on social media platforms, forums, blogs, and other websites.In order to use this tool, you need to find the keywords you want to target. Moreover, you can use negative keywords and limit your targeted websites. With the keywords, it is easy to track mentions for Android and iPhone.

Talkwalker Alerts

TalkWalker allows you to monitor blogs, news, and discussions for your specified keywords. It is known as the free alternative to Google Alerts. Whenever Talkwalker finds some relevant mentions, it sends your alerts to your RSS feed reader or email.Its free version comes with limited functionality. Though the premium platform is highly extensive, that starts at $500. However, it’s not suitable for a small business; it’s an ideal solution for larger firms.


Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool which is used to analyze what content works best onany topic relevant to the products or services you provide. It is easy to put the keywords and search the most popular content related to them. It will not only provide you with the number of shares but also the compressive list of the most influential audience that shared your content.


It is another widely preferred choice of marketers. Feedly allows you to read and collect content from all the popular industry blogs or news websites with ease. You can also manage the content into related categories while subscribing to RSS feeds.This tool provides you with the easiest way to collect content from your favorite publications that can be further used for social sharing.With Feedly, it is easy to save posts and share them on social platform directly from the its interface.


SEMrush can help you boost the traffic on your website. It analyzes your organic search results and provides a detailed report to help you optimize your website. For instance, you can use SEMRush to analyze the keywords your rival is ranking for, know their backlinks, figure out their expected organic traffic, and perform a complete competitive analysis.


It is known as an effective keyword research tool that can help you find out the long tail keywords with high search volume.KWfinder is also an outstanding Google Keyword Planner alternative as it provides you with accurate monthly search volumes with other helpful metrics.


It is an effective digital marketing tool that allows you to analyze the overall SEO performance of your website.With SEOMonitor, you can examine your organic visits that will be segmented into two parts; Branded and Non-branded traffic. It also comes with a Visibility Score tool that evaluate how many visitors actually lands on your website from Google results. Besides, you can applythis powerful tool to find out other useful stats like cost per click, keyword opportunity, bounce rates & and revenue forecasts.

Social Warfare

This WordPress plugin is used for social sharing and preferred by most marketers today. With Social Warfare, you can personalize the appearance of your social share buttons. It also comes with a Custom Tweets feature that allows you to set a unique message to post on Twitter.


It’s an excellent tool used for tracking and handling your influencer outreach efforts. With BuzzStream, you can identify related blogs and influencers. Mainly, it is used to help you handle the email outreach program with ease.You can even add your Twitter account with BuzzStream in order to track any @mentions or send messages directly.If you are wondering to share your content via outreach, it is an ideal tool to handle your campaigns and track the results.


With 13 million categorized blogs, GroupHigh is one of the most popular blogger outreach tools. It provides you with a very comprehensive information for each blog including 40 metrics that reveals several valuable information to help you create your shortlist of blogs.GroupHighalso allows you to find out the outreach activity history for each blog.

So, these are 15 best digital marketing tools that you can use in 2017. All these tools can be used for different marketing usages. You can choose anyone according to your needs and preferences.

Author Bio :Nabeena Mali loves riding fixed gear bikes and does digital marketing, in that order. She drives digital growth at AppInstitute, a DIY app builder platform for small businesses and blogs about mobile trends and actionable digital strategies.

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