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Adobe’s Project Comet CodeNamed Adobe XD- Features Unveiled

Project Comet was unveiled by Adobe, the software giant last year at the Creativity Conference named Adobe MAX. The application aims towards simplifying the process of designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps for the UX (User Experience) professionals. The creative community is really excited with the announcement and is keen to get a glimpse of the app.

Adobe Comet is now officially announced as Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview) or Adobe XD, which is the early edition of the much awaited UX Design tool. The Preview is been released with the vision to invite the creative community for providing inputs in the application feature set. The Preview version is available as a freeware to users holding Adobe ID.

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The application is developed for the design community to help professionals switch easily between visual design, prototyping, sharing, wire-framing, preview and interaction design right from a one single tool. At present, it is available exclusively in English language only for Mac OS X users.

According to the company, the Adobe XD preview for Windows 10 platform is expected to launch later this year.

Highlights of Adobe XD

Adobe XD application comes in two different modes or modules that include:

  • Design Mode
  • Prototype Mode

The pre-developed UI kit helps users in accessing the application in Design mode on Mac and understanding its features and functionality in a best possible manner. The kit assists in developing projects for Windows, Mac and Google Material Design. The design interface offers a wide spectrum of interactive design and manipulation tools such as text editors, image editors, crop, resizing and drawing tools.

Time Saving platform
  • Design Mode: In Design Mode, Repeat Grid is the key time saver. It creates multiple replicas of the grouped elements in a simple way just by dragging handles horizontally and vertically. Styles and content can be edited easily; hence customization of the resulting list becomes simpler. Comprehensive new appearance and looks can be provided to the design.


  • Prototype Mode: Developers are allowed to wire-up the Artboards and creating logical flow. Prototype can be turned to action mode just by hitting the Preview button. All essential Assets can be uploaded to Creative Cloud by clicking on the Share Online button and a link is provided to the same. The Prototype of the website or app can be shared with the Stakeholder for receiving feedbacks on the same.


Release Date:

The release date for Adobe Experience Design has not announced by Adobe. The software giant is working in collaboration with the creative design community to receive feedback on user experience and bring it into implementation in customary monthly updates.

Compatible & Scalability to All Screen Size

Due to a wide technical arena where there is a wide queue of gadgets, the applications need to be compatible with all screen sizes. It not only enhances user experience, but makes the app more scalable. As a matter of fact, today, hardly 25% of the web audience access websites and apps on desktops or laptops.

In fact, mobiles and tablets are widely utilized. So, Adobe XD allows crafting and developing projects using different page dimensions for iPads, iPhones, Tabloids and other smart devices.

Summary of the Features


  • Interactive Prototype : Animations and interactions can be added to test, analyse and preview exactly how users will access or experience the design, interface or app.
  • Switch Easily : It is easier for User Experience professionals to switch between the design mode and prototype mode without leaving the application.
  • Streamlined Design : Interactive tools allows you to draw, remix, edit and reuse design elements for creating visual design, wire-frames and other production ready attributes.
  • Consistent Sharing : The application allows sharing the prototype with team members just by sending a link and they can provide feedback about the same.
Live Previews


Preview websites and application designs with transitions and eliminate guesswork. Alterations can be made in real time to the experience to make it just exactly to your imagination.

In major terms, User Experience is associated to software products, websites and applications, but in true terms Adobe XD can be applied to web advertising as well as the wide arena of interactive media. With the respective application, creating or developing a cropped image is as simple as drawing a mask on a piece of paper.

Attributes from the major design apps are gathered together to make Adobe XD, the platform that not only offers interactive design tools, but makes user experience more real. Now, the much anticipated app of the year from the house of Adobe is really in demand and the creative community is desperately waiting for its 1.0 release.

Although, Adobe is following its traditional trend of releasing apps for iOS and Mac products/ platform before Windows compatible versions; predictions are that the Windows version will be released by the end of the year.


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