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15+ Useful Adobe Lightroom Tutorials for Novice Photographers

We all know how popular Adobe Lightroom is when it comes to image manipulation and photo editing tools. This tool is especially popular among photographers because of its amazing and easy-to-use-features like converting a raw image into a digital photo to the eye-catching framed portrait on your wall.

Here, we are sharing 15+ useful Adobe Lightroom photo editing tutorials for novice photographers that comprise – editing beach portraits, steps to create a Watermark, creating a tilt-shift effect and many more. Scroll below to know more.

Make black and white photos

 Lightroom urban photo edit

 Edit beach portraits in Lightroom

4 easy steps for creating a Watermark

How to post-process hard light & overwhelming tones

Edit your photos like a pro in Lightroom

Create a tilt-shift effect

Create a Lomo effect

How to get an HDR look

Create a beautiful faded effect

Retro photo effect in Lightroom

Create a soft pastel effect

Creative color adjustments in Adobe Lightroom

Create a vintage monochrome look

Create vintage effect in Lightroom

Use your camera’s color profiles in Lightroom

Dark and moody Lightroom edit

Understanding the Lightroom tone curve

Create a vintage film effect

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