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7 Top Reasons for an Unsuccessful Website

If you are already in the middle of the process of developing a website for yourself or your business, you must only be proceeding with the hope of seeing it as a huge success. The success of a website may vary from person to person, based on the requirements of the business. While the aim of some websites is to offer information related to particular services, some others focus solely on sale of products and services. Though, different factors determine the success of a website, there are several elements that may declare its failure too. Let’s have a look at the top 7 reasons, which cause a website to fail.

Absence of any purpose

The first and foremost thing a website must have is a purpose for it. Determine why you need the website, be it to provide technical support in case of a technology business, or to offer the audience detailed information about the services in case you run a logistics business. A website is sure to be successful with a pre-defined purpose, and is a guaranteed failure in the case otherwise. Thus, devote your time in deciding the purpose.

Lack of user-friendliness

Of course, users should be the first thing your website focuses on. After all, you are building the website for them only. The level of satisfaction of users with the website will eventually decide its success or failure. However, it is never a deliberate action, but website creators are likely to skip on this factor, more often than not. Therefore, it is a must to keep in mind what the users want, before anything else.

Irrelevant or little content

If your website solely is meant to offer information, and still is devoid of enough content, get it straight that it is a guaranteed failure. Even if the site’s aim is to sell products or provide support to your business, it needs relevant content whether it is in the form of blogs, video, news, images, or tutorials. Content is imperative to attract increased number visitors and make the site meaningful.

Inadequate marketing plan

Agreed, that your website has a purpose, a friendly user-interface, and significant content but where will it go sans a proper marketing plan? If it is not promoted properly, how will people reach it in the first place? So, before you build a site, be ready to spend those precious pennies on an effective marketing strategy, or at least pay some attention to spending on pay-per-click ads. If marketing means optimizing your site for social media or search engines, do it. Without a proper plan to market your site, you take a huge risk that people may or may not at all visit your site.

Failure to regularly update the site

Updating your site is inevitable to keep attracting your existing and new visitors. Why would someone visit your site again if they get to see the same content from time to time? Better is to regularly add new content to your site in any form articles, blogs, videos, or infographics to ensure its long-term success. Let visitors feel the connection to your site.

Nothing for users to do

Regardless of what the purpose of the site is gaining more ad clicks, selling products, or offer information it is not going to work until and unless it has a call to action. Navigating your website is one thing, and finding out what to do next is another. Visitors need to know what they can do to benefit from your services. Thus, if you fail to introduce a helpful call to action for them, you might lose your potential customers.

Crap design

Last, but not the least, is the design, which in itself is a complete determining factor for success or failure of a site. Design creates the first impression on anyone, which even if simple, must be clean and have alluring and valuable features. However, it must be in sync with the website’s usability, and fully meet user expectations.

Taking care of these diminutive, yet crucial factors, you can definitely save your website from following the path of failure, and rather declare it as a huge success.


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