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5 Web Design Tips for Optimized Content Marketing

For any website, content marketing is an important aspect that includes blogs, video streaming, podcasts, photo slideshows, infographic presentations and much more. A large percentage of marketers follow a documented content marketing strategy. To help client employ the best content managing agency for the website, the Web designers must ensure to reward the valuable content with large number of page views, better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy for keywords and more referrals.

While supporting any website with the aim of content marketing, here mentioned are the five basic design principles that must be considered.

1. Increase the Client Conversion Ratio

The content must be created and managed in such a way that customers can find it easily adaptable and get in touch to it effortlessly. Similar to approaching social media with the aim of getting an instant customer support; web users approach towards content creators that directly link to the brand sales. There are a number of ways via which the content consumers can be converted to customers:

  • Design Author Bio Box where Authors can describe about their expert areas
  • Developing widgets to display the product relevant to the content
  • Create and include ad banners that focus on the intended product

2. Employ Receptive & Approachable Design

It is a well known fact that more than one-third of the users access internet on the mobile devices rather than desktops and laptops. Smartphones have become an efficient medium and over 40 percent of the overall web traffic comes from Smartphone devices. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that Web elements are optimized to access and browse on all smart devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is important to make sure that the zooming and pinching operations works appropriately on all devices. Otherwise, the user might find it frustrating to access the website and this might result in reduced access time and less direct traffic.

3. Add Dynamic Comment Sharing Options

Comments are considered an important aspect for content marketing posts as they offer many positive features such as:

  • Strengthens web community: Commenting systems makes the audience feel like they are the part of content and that their suggestions counts. Comment features the powers and authority to express one’s own views and share it with other members of the community.
  • Improves Client Retention Ratio: If a user comments on any post, he gets a response from other viewers, readers, writers and moderators. It increases the client retention ration on the website as more users get back to the post to participate in the discussion and to view the comments posted by other users.

4. Integrated Search Engine Optimization Plug- in

Clients who are new to content marketing and does not have enough budget to implement SEO firm can add an SEO plug-in. This makes it easy for the client and the businesses to optimize the content for getting ranked in the search engines. About half of the share of Google traffic goes to top three listings that organic result list displays. SEO Plug-in ensures headlines, H1 tags, image tags and meta-descriptions are optimized for Google or other search engines.

5. Social Sharing Elements Plays a Vital Role

Social media channels and platforms are the most effective ways of sharing useful content. Availability of Share button on the website or posts allows the visitors to share the content over social media platforms much easily, instantly and effortlessly. Providing most popular social media icons on different posts on website, you can approach your client to ask for the most effective social platform that the intended audience uses. Just focus on making it simple and believe us, Twitter and Facebook will do the trick, so just provide these two icons on each post, wherever possible.

The web design tips for optimized Content Marketing will help the web designers and their potential clients in achieving the marketing goals. However, it is important to work on more ideas and techniques to make the designs more effective and valuable.


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