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5 Experience enhancing updates of iOS 10 and Android Nougat

iOS 10 & Android Nougat – The latest roll outs from the tech giants who dictate terms for the mobility domain with their development platforms have already started powering devices like Nexus series smartphones and iPhone 7 devices.

The announcements, beta release and previews of the latest versions of these operating systems made the headlines and now it is their real world application that have taken the spotlight. Let’s dig into some of the eyeball grabbing updates. Read on to know more.



Changes right from the first touch

UI has been the mostly debated and discussed topic with Android and iOS releases and it is the same with Nougat and iOS 10.

The tech giants have put a lot into UI improvements. The highlight is Google and Apple have made bold moves in user interface unsettling users from their seasoned interface experience. However, as a result, convenience has reached a whole new level.

Key differences:

iOS 10 – Raise to wake will display lock screen with clock , alerts and notifications ditching out the dependency for users to press unlock button.

Android – Multi-window screen support has made an entry to Android powered smartphones, a feature that was exclusive to only tablets.


Instant access to notifications and advanced management options

Taking the notifications convenience to the next level, both Android and iOS have focused on helping users to view, revert and manage them easily.

Key differences:

iOS 10 – The 3D Touch enabled Peek and Pop features, as the name suggests, gives access to see what’s in the notification and easily expand the notification window, reply to it and clear all notifications.


Android Nougat – With Android Nougat powered device notifications can be managed well. Notifications from an app can be blocked or grouped and the minimal design paves way to read the notifications completely without having to switch over to it completely.

Gallery Management

Managing memories that last forever

The first and foremost thing users get their hands on to almost immediately after unboxing is the camera. Photos and videos occupy a major internal space of mobile devices and to make the organizing responsibility easy and fun, both iOS and Android have made sincere improvements.

Key differences:

iOS 10 – Photos app of iOS 10 lets user to search for photos using locations. The app also facilitates provisions to generate automatic slideshows.

Nougat – Android is clearly showing signs of its serious advancements in gallery management with the machine learning which will help users sort images on several categories like location, people etc.


Let’s chat, talk some serious fun and business

In-house real-time chat and messaging apps has been ever-changing millennial demand which both the tech giants have been trying to cope up with.

Key differences:

iOS 10 – iOS has been enjoying a great overwhelming response with its Facetime and iMessage, so, iOS 10 has focused on enhancing the cool quotient of iMessage by introducing stickers, 3rd party emoji etc.

Nougat – This time, Android has taken the competition more seriously and have drove in two new apps into the scene Allo and Duo. Allo is a pure play messaging app, of course, with video calling facility.


The Duo, however is to house some bigger enterprise and organization requirements like video conferencing, screen shares, split screens etc mainly to take on FaceTime and market leaders like Skype.

Smartphone Assistant

Another step closer towards perfecting artificial intelligence

Smartphone assistant is one of the next-gen competitive area in which Apple has already shown promising signs with various updates on Siri while Android is coming up advancements of its own assistant.

Key differences:

iOS 10 – Now, the built-in assistant can help users in performing a lot like food ordering, cab reservation, phone calling etc. This intelligent assistance can provide suggestion in triggering emails, finding contacts, address details etc., through advanced machine learning.

Nougat – Google Now is now centrally positioned as the assistant for all of Google’s products. With the latest advancements Nougat is said to take lock horns with Amazon Alexa.

That concludes our iOS 10 Vs Android Nougat rivalry. More updates will surface as and when our experience continues. Keep watching the space.

Author Bio : This article is contributed by Vigneshwaran, who is working with Apphitect, a Mobile application development company in UAE. He is an avid reader and loves sharing complex technical information in a simple and an interesting manner.


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