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5 Design Trends We Might See in 2017

Design industry is evolving fast. Every day, we are coming up with new design features that directly or indirectly affect the way we live and interact with our surroundings. 2017 is a great year for us as we’ll see some major design technologies ruling the web.

Following are 5 top design trends that will take off in this year for the betterment of web and humanity

1. Virtual Reality will be real, or not!

VR seems to be everywhere and yet not much accessible to the world. Even though we have three major companies (HTC, Oculus and Play station) who launched VR devices, it will take some time for it to become main-stream. So what’s going wrong? It’s the content. VR is still in its nascent stage but growing very fast. Until people can do personal stuff and satisfy more than their visual and auditory aspects of experiencing a virtual environment, it will remain a one – time use commercial product.

Still, the fact is we have more than 43 million VR users and this market is growing fast. If not for the market, 2017 is definitely going to be an extremely important year for VR hardware and software development.

2. Passwords will be history

Every two out of five individuals have had their accounts hacked at least once in their life. This is a huge number. 2017 will bring you upgraded security and privacy features. You will see people moving from http to https and even for the new and small software products, security will be a high priority. Even though there are various attempts to ease the use of passwords by adding social media sign-in or master password protection, this will be an end for the era of passwords.

2017 will bring fingerprint protection. With new mobile devices coming with fingerprint sensors, signing in to your phone, your browser, your social media accounts and even your email account with your fingertip will become commonplace.

3. There’s a lot more space for design tools


Design space is showing some serious signs of maturity in 2017. There are a whole lot of design tools available in the market but still they haven’t yet covered everything. For example, a lot of prototyping tools are there which do a pretty good job of what is asked to do.

But now, with a new generation of innovative software developers, we can expect these design tools to do not just what we tell them to do, but also work with us to improve and inform us about the better options.

Since all the other industries have taken automation pretty seriously, design industry has aimed to automate itself in 2017.

4. The web will be more beautiful than we expect

We love design upgrades, don’t we? Be it your home interiors, your new phone or a new fashion trend. We humans just love beauty. The more something looks beautiful, the more we tend to enjoy and use it. Web has also been updating itself since its birth. We see new design features coming from designers every day trying to explore more expressive way of communicating with the users. Hand lettering and illustration are the skills in fashion this year.

In 2017, every designer will fight to design what’s beautiful. And for us, we will love to see them fight.

5. VX will take over 2017

Like I said, we human are crazy for new and beautiful designs. What more thrilling than a Visual Experience, or VX? This term Visual Experience holds no meaning really, but still it will be everywhere in 2017. You will see hundreds of VX designers transforming the virtual world and providing you with an experience you had never before. You could literally see everything designed the way you want, except that it’s virtual.

In this year only, Adobe plans to announce a specialist version of Creative Cloud dedicated to this unreal community of VX Designers.

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