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40 Innovative Use of Strange Navigation in Website Design

The future of web design is already exposed, website design trends come and go, and we just need to look behind us to perceive it. There are a limited design trends that are up and running that we all are really eager about. Designers like me never gets exhausted of debating earlier, modern and future trends, and it’s essential for us to keep up with them in order to stay in touch.

Though trivial trends pop up all the time, we will only discuss about one of the innovative trends in this article: Strange navigation in web designs. It is rather a imaginative trend these days. Even though this is not a shared practice to follow but still as the fresh design styles come up, this kind of trends appear.

You probably cannot visualize what web designers can do with multilateral art as new age designers love to tryout with things and perceive how people interact with their work.

Andy Wolf Eyewear AWE

1. Andy Wolf Eyewear AWE

Crop Trust Annual Report 2014

2. Crop Trust Annual Report 2014

Giorgio Armani Frames of Life

3. Giorgio Armani Frames of Life

Austrian Summer Moments

4. Austrian Summer Moments

Because Recollection

5. Because Recollection

The House Hunters Journey

6. The House Hunters Journey



Quincy R’quin & Associates, lawyers

8. Quincy R'quin & Associates, lawyers

Leap Second

9. Leap Second

Le Dernier Gaulois

10. Le Dernier Gaulois

Holiday Memories

11. Holiday Memories



Joseph a avou

13. Joseph a avou

Oleg Chulakov Studio

14. Oleg Chulakov Studio

Sons of Gallipoli

15. Sons of Gallipoli


16. Panic

Si le Soleil

17. Si le Soleil

Zero Landfill

18. Zero Landfill

Weber BBQ Cultures

19. Weber BBQ Cultures

Norilsk film

20. Norilsk film

Omnisense Experience

21. Omnisense Experience

Resn Dim Sum

22. Resn Dim Sum


23. 30u


24. 34


25. Brewery

Quechua Lookbook Spring Summer 15

26. Quechua Lookbook Spring Summer 15

Sennheiser Reshaping Excellence

27. Sennheiser Reshaping Excellence

The Gift Of Giving

28. The Gift Of Giving

Share the Force

29. Share the Force

Jova Construction

30. Jova Construction

Guillaume Bouvet

31. Guillaume Bouvet

La plus GRANDE cave bi’re du monde

32. La plus GRANDE cave � bi're du monde

Nike Ge Kendini

33. Nike � Ge� Kendini


34. Silenza

Adwyse & Co.

35. Adwyse & Co.

FS Millbank

36. FS Millbank

I am Sacha

37. I am Sacha

Holm Marcher & Co.

38. Holm Marcher & Co.

Lauren Wickware

39. Lauren Wickware

Pablo The Flamingo

40. Pablo The Flamingo




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