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4 Ways on How Mobile Apps are Fueling Growth of Technology Start-Ups

Mobile apps have opened a wide variety of opportunities for many technology start-ups these days. These days, from managing customer relationship to making expenses documents or doing other things is all done with the use of smartphones only.

Moreover, the true digital era impacted businesses through mobile apps rather than any other digital media. In addition, it’s important for these mobile apps has completely changed the manner in which customers interact with brands and businesses. Therefore, it allows more customer engagement with the use of these mobile apps. Moreover, it enhances employee engagement and collaboration in other workplaces.

Now with the mobile app revolution is going these days it’s good for small technology start-ups to make their brand presence among its customers.

In this post, we are going to talk about 4 ways on how mobile apps are fueling growth of technology start-ups.

Here are the mentioned below 4 ways on how mobile apps are fueling growth of technology start-ups:

  • Increases Reach of Customers Who are Far and Wide

According to the recent stats by comScore, mobile phone users have surpassed the desktop users in 2016.

There are many technology start-ups who have a good brand name in the current market. There are many of those technology startups who took the advantage of this mobile app revolution by offering their own mobile app to their customers. So that, they can get a better experience with things like shopping and transactions etc.

Moreover, mobile apps play an important role in reaching more customers across several locations and other countries as well. In addition, with mobile app technology startups can build a huge brand name globally without much concerning about local competition.

Once the time comes to expand your customer base than you can use geolocation services on your mobile app. Also, app analytics will guide you find your targeted customers very easily.

In addition, with a mobile app, you can always remain in touch with your customers.

  • Increasing Traffic and Raising Brand Awareness

According to new stats released, the people using branded app more than 11 times has increased up to 39% in 2016.

A brand helps in creating lasting impressions in front of customer’s eye. In addition, visibility is one of the most important components for branding and mobile app it plays a significantly important role in this.

Many hugely popular mobile apps garner high visibility than any other digital avenues. Because it is displayed continuously on the mobile screen. But because of your mobile app, your company logo will be displayed on the devices of your customers whenever they will open your app.

Most importantly, mobile apps boosts the website traffic to a larger extent. Moreover, when it comes to digital marketing and boosting traffic mobile app presence plays a vital role.  

Last but not the least, a smooth mobile app user experience helps in creating good impression and brand value for your business and brand.

  • Engage More Customers and Creating Loyal Customers

Gathering organic traffic for your mobile app or mobile website can be a very challenging task which takes more time and continuous involvement. But, the mobile app is not dependent on chance traffic. It is downloaded and used by users consciously and if they find it helpful than they will recommend it to others. Thus, it will make steady attraction and create new loyal customers.

Moreover, a mobile app with a good user experience stands out great ahead of other digital strategies. Because user experience is native which offers anywhere and anytime accessibility. Moreover, with optimized device features, mobile apps now can make the user experience more enjoyable. Thus, it helps technology start-ups in leveraging good business opportunities.

  • Gather User Insights and Collaboration for Better Workplace

Thanks to the widely adopted Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) policy, real time collaboration among employees, partners and customers have become a lot easier. Also, with the sensors installed in user’s smartphone have it easier to get the accurate data based on location, buying habits, preferences and some other user specific insights.

Moreover, mobile apps and mobile web applications are now representing popular digital medium which is having highest customer engagement. According to the recent stars by Deloitte, it was found that users use their smartphone up to 3 billion times in one full day. Therefore, it provides the huge opportunity for many technology startups to tap into new customers and markets. In addition, most importantly technology start-ups mobile apps should offer a unique user experience to create a lasting impression.

Wrapping Up

Technology startups should consider these four ways before starting to develop any mobile app for running their business. Moreover, they should remember that user experience of any mobile app plays a vital role in gathering new customer for the business. So keep these things in mind.

Author Bio : Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons which provides Mobile App Development Services. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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