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30+ Amazing Pics Describing Extreme Level of Laziness

Many times we don’t feel like doing anything, but just want to sit back and relax by sticking to the same place where we are. And it happens especially on Mondays when we have to go back to the office after having a relaxing weekend. These circumstances gives birth to stupefying ideas and amplified competence by building shortcuts to execute jobs without lifting your buttocks. Even a person like Bill Gates used such idea of picking up a lazy individual for a challenging job, since a lazy person always discover an easy way to complete any task.

Below are 30+ amazing images describing extreme level of laziness. Look at them and you would definitely find some wonderful ideas to accomplish your task too.

31. the_height_of_laziness_640_14

30. bg

29. bg

28. bg

27. bg

26. bg

25. bg

24. the_height_of_laziness_640_10

23. lazy-watchman

22. Roadkill-paint

21. the_height_of_laziness_640_09

20. Walking-a-dog-on-ofc-chair1

19. lazy-bird-on-bird

18. Iced-windscreen

17. fireman

16. bg

15. bg

14. bg

13. bg

12. bg

7. bg

9. bg

10. bg

11. bg

6. bg

5. bg

4. bg

3. bg

2. bg

1. bg


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