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30+ Amazing Free Infographics Templates

Infographics are turning out to be quite popular among people nowadays as they represent huge amount of information in an engaging and interesting way. As Infographics are big images and are made with a blend of typography, images, charts, graphs etc., they need a lot of time and efforts to be formed from scratch. It is very challenging for the graphic designers to find all these elements individually and put into one big meaningful image (Infographic).

However, there are many interactive free Infographic templates available on the Internet to make Infographic designing quite simple. With quality Infographic templates, you would have a great start for designing an interactive Infographic. These sets give you lots of designing opportunities, and all the visual assets and icons you would want to craft a bright and appealing Infographic.

In this post, we are presenting 30+ amazing free Infographic templates to assist you get started in designing your own Infographics smoothly.

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[Original Published Date – 16th April 2016, Last Updated on 16th Nov 2016]

Business steps

1. Business steps

Flat Vector Infographic Kit

2. Flat Vector Infographic Kit

Retro Infographic Vector Graphic

3. Retro Infographic Vector Graphic

Vintage infographic elements

4. Vintage infographic elements

Colored business infographic template

5. Colored business infographic template

Infographic Elements v1


Square infographics

7. Square infographics

Business Route

8. Business Route

Free infographic vector design elements

9. Free infographic vector design elements

Sports and fitness flat design

10. Sports and fitness flat design

Colorful banners

11. Colorful banners

Infographic Vector Templates

12. Infographic Vector Templates

Vector Pie Charts

13. Vector Pie Charts

Business Template

14. Business Template

Information Graphic Kit

15. Information Graphic Kit

Infographic Vector Elements

16. Infographic Vector Elements

Colorful infographic diagrams

17. Colorful infographic diagrams

Round infographic template

18. Round infographic template

Arrow banners

19. Arrow banners

Food and Nutrition

20. Food and Nutrition

Brochure Template

21. Brochure Template

Vector Infographic Elements

22. Vector Infographic Elements

Rounded infographic business

23. Rounded infographic business

Looking for job template

24. Looking for job template

Communication Templates

25. Communication Templates

Financial Information

26. Financial Information

Infographic pencil

27. Infographic pencil

Free Vector Infographic Vol2

28. Vol2

Modern timeline infographic

29. Modern timeline infographic

Timeline template

30. Timeline template

Company infography in flat design

31. Company infography in flat design

Water Research

32. Water Research


33. Colorful

Flat UI Design


Step by step infographic

35. Step by step infographic

Technology Infographic Templates

36. Technology Infographic Templates


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