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25+ Cool Calligraphy & Cursive Fonts For Web Designers

Many designers often show their excessive dislike to rough handwriting. Apprehensively it is one of those things you really need to exercise & improve else it would be chicken scratches all the way to the grave. Calligraphers are those people who not only love creative handwriting, but love it so much that they make their career in it.

Hand-drawn calligraphy is extremely beautiful and suitable for digital replica. Each calligraphic style is exclusive with changing complexities comprising strings, x-heights, and typographic alternates. If you are looking for some stylish calligraphic font to smart up your web design project, then you have landed upon the right post.

We have spent a lot of time over World Wide Web in order to search the most stunning calligraphy and cursive fonts which can be used in web design projects. So, here we are presenting 25+ Amazing free and premium Calligraphy & Cursive Fonts. Check them out and use them in your next project if you like them.

Veryberry Script ($25.00)

1. Veryberry Script ($25.00)

Always ($19.00)

2. Always ($19.00)

Feel Script ($99.00)

3. Feel Script ($99.00)

Freeland ($29.00)

4. Freeland ($29.00)

Salamander Script ($65.00)

5. Salamander Script ($65.00)

Al Fresco ($79.00)

6. Al Fresco ($79.00)

Blenda (Free)

7. Blenda (Free)

Bandung ($25.00)

8. Bandung ($25.00)

Comforter ($24.95)

9. Comforter ($24.95)

Felt That ($40.00)

10. Felt That ($40.00)

Selfie ($37.00)

11. Selfie ($37.00)

The Carpenter ($79.00)

12. The Carpenter ($79.00)

Spumante ($88.20)

14. Spumante ($88.20)

Wallows ($15.00)

15. Wallows ($15.00)

Tangerine (Free)

16. Tangerine (Free)

Lavanderia (Free for personal use)

17. Lavanderia (Free for personal use)

Daniel (Free)

18. Daniel (Free)

Voyage ($40.00)

19. Voyage ($40.00)

Arizonia (Free)

21. Arizonia (Free)

Bispo (Free)

22. Bispo (Free)

Bonjour ($18.00)

23. Bonjour ($18.00)

FF Tartine Script ($59.00)

24. FF Tartine Script ($59.00)

Adorn Smooth ($65.00)

25. Adorn Smooth ($65.00)


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