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20 Websites with Attractive Logotypes

In the World of WebGL, dazzling HTML5 experiments, fancy animations and holistic user experience, sometimes we disregard about the small static aspects of design. They are the most important and primary details that signify qualities and uniqueness. Today we are talking about brand identity and its vital ingredient – logotype.

It can be an entirely graphic realization, type-based symbol or both – the most significant is that it should present an immediate public appreciation for your company, exclusively identifying and unraveling it from others. It is very important for your business, so that when you build a website for your organization, café or local firm it should have a high priority.

Here in this post, we have showcased 20 great examples of sites where logotypes stand the competition and carry benefits for the entire aesthetic.

Grosse Lanterne

Cotechino delle Grazie


Digital Lyft

Australis The Better Fish

Museum of London

Oskar Blues Brewery

Blind Enthusiasm

Iron Gates and Railings Specialists

Disrupted by Design

Highlights Conference


The Business Depot

Clever Solution

Hotel Andre Latin

Save our Public Schools

Animal Pak

The Huub


Studio Spoon

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