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20 Examples of Outstanding Interactive Websites

Last year was relatively eventful with some creative solutions along with some innovative trends. While we all considered the emergence of more and more flat user-interfaces that were prepared with Material Design ideology in mind, interactive projects began to overpower the Web. Though they are moving at a snail’s pace, their existence has at last become more significant, strong and recognised. Of course, it is a expensive luxury that not every corporation can take on.

But, one can surely argue that a lot of organizations have joined the stream. As seen in the last year, anyone can gain benefits from it; fashion industry, music industry, sports industry, digital agencies, and social communities all of them have by now felt the benefit unseen from this approach.

It was quite hard for us to shortlist even 20 examples of Interactive websites because there are thousands of projects that are praiseworthy. So if you think we have missed any site which deserves to be in this list or you want your website to be included in this list of 20 Outstanding Interactive Websites, then please do let us know via comment section below.

1000 Chrome Experiments

1. 1000 Chrome Experiments

Star Wars : Lightsaber Escape

2. Star Wars Lightsaber Escape

Cybeer Bar

3. Cybeer Bar


4. FrankenSim

Catch the Dragon

5. Catch the Dragon

Inside Abbey Road

8. Inside Abbey Road

ARK : Star Citizen Map

9. ARK Star Citizen Map

Under Armour Women

10. Under Armour Women

Cryptaris Mission

11. Cryptaris Mission

Seeing Data

12. Seeing Data

Georg Jensen

13. Georg Jensen

Celebrating Chinese New Year

14. Celebrating Chinese New Year

Pray for Paris

15. Pray for Paris


16. Codedoodles

Earth Hour Paris

17. Earth Hour Paris


18. Void

The Self-Destructing Book

19. The Self-Destructing Book

Art Project OE20

20. Art Project OE20


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