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20 Awesome Dark User Interface Ideas for Inspiration

Applications based on visual material and content look amazingly brilliant in dark themes and background. Darker impression of the graphical interface makes it easier for the content to come alive while the design flows into the background itself. Apps with gloomy interface are mostly admired by the young audience. So, it very much depends upon the kind of audience that the app targets.

In the upcoming section, 20 beautiful dark UI concepts for design inspiration have been included.

1. Map Apps

1. MapApp

Mapping becomes easier with darker skin of the application.

2. Music App

2. Music-App

Again, when it is about entertainment apps, dark material design and UI elements is always the first choice.

3. Fitness App

3. Fitness-App

Sometimes, apps are just meant to be dark or darker, nothing else. Can you even imagine UI for fitness app in green, pink, blue or yellow? Definitely NOT! This is the reason why black, grey or any dark themes just flows so well with fitness apps and products.

4. YouTube Dark Skin

4. YouTube-Dark

You must be familiar with popular YouTube interface. But ever tried out the darker one? Probably not, but, yes, the dark skin of YouTube gives the app a bold appearance.

5. Exchange App

5. Exchange-App

A dark background and a lighter track record of currency make Exchange application amazing and more understood by the users.

6. DJ Rig

6. DJ-Rj

Dark interface is a great idea for a DJ Rig while light colors can make it a bit boring.

7. Equalizer

7. Equalizer

Darker appearance really makes the equalizer interface more happening as well as realistic.

8. Sales App

8. Sales-Dashboard

With a darker interface and light intersecting lines, the sales statistics appears more highlighting.

9. Notes Application

9. Notes-App

With dark UI elements, the application becomes more stunning and more responsive.

10. B2B Dashboard

10. B2B-Dashboard

Dark material of the interface is always preferred for dashboards over brighter themes.

11. Photo Editor Apps

11. Photo-Editor

The photo editors are more popular among the youngsters and so are the black and grey themes.

12. Behance

12. Behance

Dark UI elements make Behance more approachable and realistic.

13. Register Form UI

13. Register-Page

Registration page appears fantastic with darker elements and outlook.

14. Spotify

14. Spotify

The app becomes more stunning and expressive with redesigned darker elements.

15. Newsfeed UI

15. Newsfeed

Dark tone makes the news application more sophisticated.

16. Calendar App

16. Calendar

Dark background apps with bright front elements make Calendar UI clear and simple.

17. MailApp

17. Mail-App

Redesigned with a blend of dark and light shades, the mail application becomes more defined.

18. Travel Notes App

18. Travel-Notes-App

Travel websites are integrated with attractive pictures of the scenic places. The images appear brighter with darker background.

19. Travel Cards

19. Travel-Cards

Dark elements or darker UI not only gives a sophisticated appearance to the app, but also makes information more clear.

20. Analytics Interface

20. Analytics-UI

The dark interface with a blend of bright colors make analytics application appears awesome.


A beautiful blend of darker shades with that of bright colors gives applications a clean, yet, audacious appearance. The applications become sophisticated with a lively emergence. The 20 beautiful dark UI Concepts for design inspiration mentioned above gives an extra edge to the application outlook. It’s not always important that the dark colors make the apps opaque, but sometimes dark UI offers more transparency to the apps.

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