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10 Of the Top Technology Careers in 2016

There are hundreds of technology careers in a variety of industries and depending on your interests will depend on the career path you choose. You may want to work in the I.T sector or you may even want to look at the healthcare administration jobs that require technical experience. It’s not easy to get into the technology job sector because many jobs require computer science degrees, but once you have one, there are many jobs to choose from. Have a look at 10 of the top technology careers in 2016.

I.T Project Manager

As an I.T project manager you will oversee a small I.T department in a variety of industries. There are many project manager jobs in a variety of industries, and whatever path you choose as an I.T project manager will depend on your salary, but it’s one of the most popular jobs in 2016.

Network Engineer

Network engineers are well-sought after because of the current rush to implement network solutions across the country. Internet companies are getting bigger, and even web hosting companies are growing at an astounding rate, so there are always roles available as an experienced network engineer.

Web Developer

There are loads of web development opportunities as the web is growing daily. There isn’t as much money in the industry as there once was for freelance web developers, but if you get a chance to work for a company overseeing certain projects then the salaries can be much more than the average.

Mobile App Developer

Nearly everyone has a new mobile these days, whether that’s based on Android or iOS. This means that there is a huge requirement for app developers as there are thousands of apps currently available on both platforms. Apps on tablets and phones are even required in some of the health administration jobs in the healthcare industry, which just goes to show their usefulness.

Server Engineer

Server engineers are the people that work in data centers and the like to ensure servers are kept up to date and any problems are rectified quickly. They will also make sure the server is as secure as possible to prevent online threats.

Software Developer

Software developers earn a lot depending on the company they work for. More often than not, a software developer role will involve working on multiple products that the company has already developed, and that will include keeping them up to date, and making sure any bugs are fixed.

Data Scientist

A data scientist will usually work for a big company and analyze specific data in bulk, giving the company an edge over their competitors.

Database Administrator

A database administrator will work with the likes of MySQL and SQL to ensure the database is running smoothly, and any new data is categorized correctly.

Game Developers

Becoming a games developer requires a lot of programming knowledge, which is why it is one of the highest paying jobs in the tech industry.

Computer Repair Technicians

Computer repair technicians usually work for big companies with big contracts for offices and other industries that require computers to do their work.

The above jobs are just some of the best tech jobs in 2016 and there are of course many more to choose from depending on your specific interests. They are all high paying jobs in their field and they all offer career progression that will help you climb the career ladder.

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