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10 Easy to Use Online Logo Makers to Design Your Brand

There’s no doubt in the fact that a logo is one of the most important branding element for a company. It’s not only a symbol, but an identity which overtime creates such an impact that people often remember brands by their logo.

Now, if you have decided to get a logo for your company, there are four major ways you can do it. Hire a freelancer, host a contest on crowd sourcing sites, hire a design agency or else try your hands on some logo maker tool to create a design by yourself. Now, every of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. For logo maker tools the advantage is that the logo can be purchased at an affordable cost and takes very less time to develop. The disadvantage is that there is not enough customization available in a logo maker tool.

If you have made your mind to use logo maker tool and test your design ability, here are 10 logo maker tools that could be of your help-

Tailor Brands Logo Generator

Tailor Brands is one of easiest logo maker tools available in the market. You can create unique and beautiful logo with Tailor Brands logo maker.

Follow these steps to create a unique logo with Tailor Brands,

1) You have to enter the name and tagline of your company.
2) Provide a little brief about your company and Industry.
3) Select from the various logotypes,i.e. Name based, Icon based, Initial based logo.
4) Select from the styles that you prefer; it will help them customize the logo according to your preference.

They will design a variety of logos for you. Register and choose the logo which suits you the most and download it.

Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill provides a free logo creator tool for the ones who want to try their hands on design process.

The logo maker tool is simple to use and involves following steps-

a. Firstly, you need to add the text you want and then insert line if you need.
b. Next, one can select icons as per their industry.
c. In the ‘Frame’ section one can insert the frame for their logo image.
d. After completing the logo you can have it previewed in the ‘Preview’ tab.
e. Finally, you can download the image for free by clicking on the ‘Download’ tab. The file would be saved in .PNG format.


The site boldly claims that one can get a logo design in one minute. One of the best thing about graphicspring logo maker is the amount of customization that is available on this tool.

Following are the steps involved in designing a logo from graphicspring-

a. In the ‘Identity’ section, one can enter the name of the company and tagline, if any.
b. Next, in the images section one can choose from the several images depending on the industry they are in.
c. Also, if you want you can add shapes to your logo from the multiple options that is available on the tool.
d. The option to edit the image is what makes these tool a special one. You can change the size, color; add graphic elements, etc. to your logo design.
e. In the preview section one can see how the logo would look on a website and a t-shirt.
f. The logo can then be downloaded for your use. The basic pricing starts from $19.99.


Logojoy creates logo using Artificial Intelligence. Just like a designer would ask you question regarding the type of design you need, Logojoy too asks you question about the design. Based on your answers they would recommend you logo designs to choose from.

For creating a logo using Logojoy, following are the steps one should perform-

a. Enter the name of your company and hit the ‘Get Started’ button.
b. Next you have to select 5 logos example from hundreds of design shown.
c. After the above process, you would be asked to choose the color of the logo. Keep in mind that the color should be according to your company’s theme.
d. The final step involves adding the symbol you want for your business. Now, Logojoy would create several logo design for you and you can choose the one you like the most.

The pricing for the logo design starts from $20.


LogoGenie is yet another tool that asks you certain information, based on which it recommends you logo designs.

The five step process involves-
a. Enter the name of your company
b. Next you can select the industry that your company belongs to.
c. If you need further customization for your logo, you have several options in the customization section.
d. Next, you can preview the image and download it in high quality at $29.90.


Logoshi has one of the simplest formats for creating a logo design. All one has to do is enter one’s company name, add slogan if any, enter initial, select colors, and that’s all you need to get a logo created. You can also do extra customization by clicking on ‘Edit fonts, color, spacing’. The price of the logo is $49.


While Canva does not have a separate logo maker of their own; their design tool can be effectively used to create a logo. With hundreds of free stock images, drag and drop option, several customization offered, etc., Canva can be one tool everyone can try their hands on. After creating the logo, you can download the same in high-quality in .PNG, .JPG or pdf format.


Ucraft is a company whose major tool is a website builder. But, that does not mean that their logo maker tool is not upto the mark. Upon using the tool, one would love the simplicity that the tool provides. With just three steps you can create the logo of the company. The steps are- you select the icon for the company, enter the text you want on display and then you can select the shape for the logo. Finally, by signing in one can download the image.


Logo creation on logaster involves 4 step process. Firstly you enter your company name, slogan and the category to which it belongs. The platform would then show you several logo examples from which you can select. If you want you can customize the logo and then download it. The pricing starts from $29.99.


The best part in using foundry is that they have apps for iOS and android using which you can directly make a logo from your mobile. With a collection of 3000+ symbols, option to customize the logo, one can easily find this app most suitable for those who have little to no design experience.


Squarespace can be easily called the simplest logo maker tool available. But, with so much simplicity available, customization and industry wise logo image availability is not there. But, this should not deter you from using this tool as there is a huge chance that you might like a simple logo that beautifully represents your company.

These are the 10 online logo makers we think can be definitely of help incase you are looking to make a logo for your company. We are sure that there are many more such tools in the market. If you know any, do comment below and we would try to include it in the blog. Also, do not forget to share your experience on using any of this tool.

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