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10+ Best JavaScript Libraries Which You Should Not Miss

JavaScript library is a set of pre-written JavaScript code which helps users in easier development of applications based on JavaScript, especially web centric technologies and AJAX. There are number of reasons why we should use these libraries like why to write if it’s already there, saving time by using the code, saving time with the pre-defined code, there is chance that you are not expert on something thus you can make use of these libraries for ease of work and speed thrills in your work.

Following are some JavaScript libraries which you shouldn’t miss in 2016.



Fabric is a simple and powerful library which lets you work well with HTML5 canvas library. This gives interactive object model on the top of canvas element. This allows creating simple shapes easily like circles, rectangles, polygon, triangles or many more complex shapes on the HTML webpage by using JavaScript. It also allows manipulating the position, rotation and size of the objects with mouse. You can also change some of attributes of the objects like their transparency, depth position or colour on the webpage. It also allows converting SVG image into JavaScript data so that can be placed on to page.



Bwip JavaScript is translation of code in Bar code Write to native JavaScript in Pure PostScript. Then the translated code can be executed on any JavaScript server based framework or modern browser. This software has capability of encoding modules over 90 different bar code standards and types. All two dimensional and linear bar codes which are common in use are available.



MetricsGraphics library is built on top of D3 which is optimised for lying out and visualising time series data in easy format. It takes the complication and mystery out and represents simple data. It has simple way to generate common types of graphics in consistent, responsive and principled way. It currently supports scatter plots, line charts, bar charts, histograms and data tables and some other features like basic linear regression and rug plots.



AOS is animate on scroll. It is small library that lets you to animate elements when you scroll up and down. It uses CSS3 animations in order to animate any element during vertical page scrolling. It detect the scrolling events based on which it specify the elements which needs to be viewed.



Being a developer, we know that it’s easy to develop an application but presenting it to the masses is difficult uphill task. Thus some prefers to make videos and presentations. Thus Shepherd is a JavaScript library which helps your site user a guided tour of the application. It helps to direct you, your audience to right place, in similar manner like a shepherd direct flock of sheep.



Monkberry is simple, amazingly fast and tiny JavaScript library which is used for developing web user interfaces. It is collection of minified library of count 1 kb that includes custom tags, source maps, and pre-compiled fast templates for creating interfaces.



AnyPixel library, an open source hardware and software assists in creating unusual, interactive and big displays. One can use the schematics and code to create display at any scale by using light-boxes, balloons and switches.



Optiscroll is a small custom scrollbar library which is highly optimised for modern web apps. This supports both horizontal and vertical scrollbars, auto updating on the scroll or content area, custom events, animated scroll Into View and scroll To and many more.



Behave library is used for augmenting IDE style to plain HTML text areas which makes writing code fun. This plugin has several features like brackets, soft and hard tabs, parenthesis, single and double quotes, braces, automatic indentation and many more.



Holmes JavaScript library is used for easy and fast search option inside the page. One can install it with either bower or npm under the name holmes.js.



Target library is used to choose target elements and then display the text as tool tip which you want to show when mouse hover.



This is an animation flexible library and still lightweight. It works well with Individual Transforms, CSS, DOM attributes, SVG, and JS Objects.

So use these libraries to ease your work a bit!!


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