10 Best Expense Tracking Apps To Manage Expenses Effectively

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A freelancer or other professionals have a lot of tasks on hand. First, it is the work, followed by understanding the briefs, communicating with clients, and also keeping the workstation organised. Last but most important, the task of invoicing; after all you work to earn right? The task of invoicing can get tedious with numbers, therefore often leading to delaying of outgoing invoices on time, ultimately delaying your pay. We therefore, have compiled a list of 10 best expense tracking apps to help you manage your expenses accurately without any hassle.


MoneyPenny Expense Tracking Software

MoneyPenny.me gets the first position for being a highly intuitive expense tracking solution whilst at the same time providing one painless package for invoicing, time and project tracking. It allows freelancers to capture, track, and report expenses at their own pace, from any device through its apps for iPhone, Android phones & tablets.

  • The interface is pretty cool and user-friendly, so you don’t need any guru skills.
  • Projects, timesheets, invoices, expenses – everything is synced and automatically linked that it simply works.
  • You can snap photos of receipts and store them in your MoneyPenny account, link expenses to tax forms and assign tax-friendly categories so your tax consultant can take a look anytime.

Besides, they make it super easy to add expenses to invoices, or get professional expense report without any headaches.


Logbookhq expense management software

LogbookHQ is a vehicle mileage and expense tracking web application designed for self employed, freelancer and small business people. It helps you to track your trips and create reports to help you prepare for your end of year tax reporting. LogbookHQ works on any desktop, tablet or mobile browser so you can even enter expenses and mileage while you are in the car.


BudgetBakers-Expense Tracker

Wallet by BudgetBakers is the independent personal finance platform of choice for Freelancers around the world. Why? Because unlike typical budgeting platforms aimed at daily spend-tracking and family budgeting, BudgetBakers offers the customization your small business needs to stay on the move, and not get bogged down in spreadsheets. You need the ease of a family budgeting application, but with the power of a business platform: multiple accounts, expense and budgeting tracking, reports, automatic syncing with your bank accounts, multi-user access control on any platform, and much more.

Standard Time

expense tracking

Check out Standard Time! Expense tracking is just the beginning, and you will like it. Associate every expense with a client and project. Invoice clients for time and expenses, or flat-fee project milestones. Mileage tracking, vehicles, trips, templates, recurring expenses. U.S. based support. Be surprised!

  • Expense templates, with clients, projects, trips, and mileage
  • Android and iOS time and expense apps sync with the desktop or cloud
  • Invoice clients for time and expenses, with customizable invoice templates
  • Timesheet and time tracking, with tasks and timers



expenseRegister is a cloud based accounting tool for small businesses, freelancers and contractors. expenseRegister is built specifically for small business owners with features for managing receipts, invoicing, mileage deductions, cash flow reports and so on. It is simple, intuitive and effortless, so you can focus on running and growing your business. The expenseRegister mobile app for iOS and Android helps you stay connected on-the-go.

TriNet Expense

6. Trinet

TriNet is another online expense tracking software that provides comprehensive project-based time and expense tracking facilities. You can do this right from your device whether it is Android, an iPhone, iPad, or a Blackberry. The TriNet App is perhaps an efficient way to scan and import receipts on the go. The TriNet app also features handful of useful integrations with essential accounting software suites like NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Intact. It is also compatible with mobile apps like TripIt.


7. Paydirt

A group of freelancers invented Paydirt especially for freelancers, as a solution to crucial freelancing hurdles of expense tracking. Paydirt comes with a Firefox and Google Chrome extensions. It lets you set reminders, tracking buttons that pop up when you browse websites linked to your clients or when you send emails.


8. nutcache

When it comes to mentioning a handy online expense tracking software, we cannot ignore Nutcache. It is a useful tool to time and expense tracking for free. Freelancers love this tool that is built on open source technology. Nutcache is a perfect tool to manage time tracking, create and send invoices, and also track expenses; all at no cost!


9. billgrid

Freelancers often sink under the pressure of tracking time and expenses for multiple projects from one client. BillGrid is a great online expense tracking software that lets you not just track time and expenses but also create and manage invoices and estimates accurately. So if you need to deliver an invoice to a client, after time tracking an entire project, you can deliver it at a click!


10. workflowmax

Xero’s WorkFlowMax is a one-stop solution for all your tracking needs, may be the most comprehensive online expense tracking software available today. It lets you manage time tracking, expenses, and accounting. What makes WorkFLowMax remarkable is its ability to handle everything from handling of freelance tasks to managing incoming leads, to executing the task. The built in Xero integration feature integrates all your invoices seamlessly.

I hope the above expense tracking apps belie the nightmares of speedy expense tracking and detailed invoicing. Having said that, it is always wise to track your time and expenses regularly.

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  1. Amazing List of Expense following tools, which is exceptionally useful to specialists. I additionally trust that these tools are key to each expert besides for consultants. On top of all that, these are the part where you need to stay informed concerning your time and costs, send receipts, and gather instalments.

  2. Amazing summary of recreation expense measuring gadgets, which is greatly valuable to business experts. I assume that such gadgets are key for business. I may need to recommend Harvest. I trust it’s lovely and clear instrument for every business experts.

  3. We utilize Xpenditure in our organization. It’s truly easy to use and chips away at cell phone and desktop. We take a photo of our receipts and it goes straight to the bookkeeping division.

  4. Expensify works great as a quick money tracking app.one of the best expense trackers with features auto-update of credit card transactions and more.

  5. I uses “https://www.timesheets.com/ “software. It helps to concentrate on the tasks and also helpful to increase my work productivity.

  6. Xpenditure offers Great service which has enabled me to log all the receipts used on a day to day basis.I can generate an expense report in just a single click.

  7. I use WorkFlowMax as it offers everything you need to keep track of your expenses, handles all your interests for loans etc. well

  8. I use Nutcache as it is easy to use and Accurate. Convenient and is a very fast application for tracking business expenditure.

  9. This is really a great list. Thanks for your efforts compiling these awesome resources. However, you have missed http://www.invoicera.com to be included in your list. Invoicera has some advanced features like expense tracking,online invoice,manual time logs,assign work,time scheduling and many more. I would like you to include Invoicera in your list so that your users could also benefited with the awesome features of Invoicera.

  10. I have tried few expenses tracking apps from here in the list and finally decided to go with Timesheets.com for my own freelancing work.Timesheet.com is extremely simple and Really easy to Use software.

  11. Hey JACK SCOLLEN !Thanks very much for sharing this List.I gave a try to WorkFlowMax.It’s very customizable software & some other cool features!.Great tool for Expense tracking .I really like it.

  12. Nutcache,One of the best ones out there.This app is really simple to use for daily expense management.Have been using it for really long time now and I have absolutely no complaints regarding its functionality.

  13. Paydirt,Extremely useful and the resourceful application that I’ve been using it.It really helps me keep track of my finances and budget.Best app ever,One can comprehensively analyse his expenses,income and balances.

  14. I prefer using PAyDirt,One of the most hassle free tool.It is pretty good and Easy to use feature rich application for monitoring expence.

  15. WorkFlowMax is perfect for freelancers.freelancers. We’ve been using WorkFlowMax in our company for the past 1 year.I think WorkFlowMax will be helpful for every level business and is perfect for freelancers.

  16. I am extremely amazed to come across this list of expense tracking tools.I’ve tried a few of the business expense apps here but at the end decided to go with TriNet Expense.

  17. I am really pleased with Clockspot. Employees can clock in and out anytime from anywhere using any device with the systems Online Clock feature.I have positive experience with Clockspot.

  18. Nutcache is blessing app for business Professionals. The app is very easy and intuitive to use. It offered our team an easy way to keep track of their hours and Expenses.

  19. I mainly use Timesheets.com for project management.Its billing function is excellent.It allows you to manage unlimited projects.Best Application for Expence Tracking and online billing service that I have seen so far.

  20. Nutcache is really good expense tracking and beautiful User Interfaces.It is easy to operate across different functionalities. Makes User feel comfortable.Software works on any devices anywhere and every time seamlessly.

  21. I have a extremely effective expense trackers at work and at home.It is Trinet Expense which has unique functionalities and features that are really helpful in managing business expenses

  22. My favorite is TriNet Expense .It is very straight forward and easy to use. Also supports time reports, billing information, and data exporting.

  23. WorkFlowMax is an Useful App Useful financial app for managing monthly expenses. For me It is best application for event scheduling and managing business expenses.

  24. There are many good apps out there. One app i have been using lately is TriNet Expense. It is simple and has many features like recurring invoices, online payments, income and expense management etc.

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