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10 Amazing Mobile App Designs For Your Inspiration

Mobile interface design is the most challenging and concerned aspect of app design and development. User Interface makes it easy for smartphone audience to easily access the mobile app, even at the first time.The Best App Design Companies recognize the fact that, a dazzling interface is essential to create the best experience for the users. Individuals tend to explore unique design ideas to make their app all interactive and appealing from the user perspective.

Infinite ideas can be found from which one can design amazing interfaces and drive great experience for the users. Here we have sorted some Best Designed Mobile Apps having beautiful interfaces and can render you a great design inspiration.

Workout Book

The Workout Book app records your workouts and allows you to take a glance at all the important information right on the home screens. You can create your own workout with a tap of your fingers. The app lets you set and customize the day and the targeted area you want to work on. Workout Book’s UI uses the common mobile patterns which make even first-time users feel at home.


The Bikester app gives you an absolutely new experience of cycling. It facilitates to find another cyclist, track their activity, connect and interact with them. The app has a pleasing and unique interface, starting from its icons to the colors, it just feels excellent. The bikester app makes all the data easily visual and easy to understand. And is the best example for you, if you are going to build an app that will have huge statistics and data.


This could be a great example of music iPhone App Design and development. Swing music app has an easy to use and a simple interface consisting just four big navigation keys Listen, News, Video, and Artist. Notably, the “News” section has larger windows than the “Listen” category. All the news arranged according to their dates and displayed with their headlines.

Hunt a Place

Hunt a place is a great app that helps a foreigner in any city or country to explore places to visit, ideas, and peoples for their recommendations. It lets you connect with natives from certain areas. The app interface is extremely attractive and clean, particularly the profile page.


Teamride is an app for snowboarders and skiers, who desire to build a team, interact with each other and check each other’s status. The app also works with Google Glass. The design is totally amazing and in particular maps and statistics has the special impact.


Lift is a coaching and self-improvement app, especially geared for individuals who are goal-driven or others who want to be more creative. The app allows you to tick each completed task and shows– goals accomplished status. The lift also suggests tips that help you achieve the goals and flashes encouragement to raise your spirits so as to keep you going.


Eda.ua is a food delivery app and has both an iOS and Android version along with a best user-friendly interface. The users are guided into 5 simple steps, including, searching for the nearby restaurants, checking their menu, checking their specialty, confirming the order and proceeding with payment and delivery options. This mobile app design is a version of existing website designed by designers from Ukraine.


Squiryl is a social loyalty mobile app which allows you to accumulate points each time you dine and shop at participating restaurants and stores. This app lets you redeem freebies and vouchers and also exchange them with your friends. It is the best tool for businesses that need to connect more with their clientele to build loyalty.


Change app is a well-designed app that helps bring change in the community and the individuals who live in it. The app informs you with the correct distance and location of a person who needs help from your location. A pop-up appears in the app and you have to select whether to view or cancel. The app also facilitates sharing to encourage and inform your friends to help as well.

Withjack Designs

Withjack Designs mobile app is the finest example of portfolio apps. The app shows portfolio so that the potential customers can have and access them at all times. Withjack Designs has really efficient and forward thinking interactions.


Mobile App Design and development is somewhat becoming a tough job since the app market is bringing new challenges and expectations from the users. Thus, it’s most necessary for the designers to focus on aspects such as great user interface design and ways to make it more useful.

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